I grew up all over the place and eventually spent enough time in Vermont to say I'm from there.
I'm the first female from Brattleboro Union High School to get a basketball scholarship.
After playing in pro ball Europe, I moved
to New York City to my pursue my architectural design career.
I started playing street ball and noticed when I played with "da guys", folks started watching.
So, I started performing.
Then writing.
Got two solo shows, "Going Public" and "A Kind Shot". 

This winter I'll be performing "A Kind Shot" at the TBG Studio Theatre.

312 W 36th St 3rd Flr. NYC 10018
Jan 6th -Feb 25th

Producer/Performer-"Five Women Wearing the Same Dress" written by Alan Ball. It was my first NYC production, it 
featured some of the best actress I've ever played with and, I got to wear my high-tops under a dress!

Producer/Performer V-Day Woodstock-raised over $12,000 for Family Of Woodstock.
Helped abused women get back on their feet.

Co-Organizer-Women’s March on Woodstock for the National Women's March.
It started with 3 women getting together for coffee. That 3, became 40.
Within 72 hours, that 40 became 1500.
I was honored to be a part of it.