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Terri Mateer

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 (Davenport Theater August 2016) 

"It was an awe inspiring show. It was exceptional. Brutally honest but nonetheless a show which everyone of age should see. I was fortunate to talk to the star of the show and she was simply a sweetheart. So down to earth. I recommend this show highly."
-Robert Rankins

Terri Mateer And “A Kind Shot” Truly Dazzle
I feel 
very fortunate to have seen the amazing Terri Mateer, a beautiful, talented, gracious performer in “A Kind Shot,” last night at Davenport Black Box Theatre.
The autobiographical, one woman show, written and performed by Ms. Mateer, with help from her husband Brian Mateer (stage manager and lights) was truly moving, inspirational
and in the end profound.
She “had me” as they say, when she talked of learning to shoot like the great player, Oscar Robertson and held the Wilson (a mention of “Wilson” evoking Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”) basketball in the same way, the “Big O” did, before shooting.
Mateer went on to do so much more, blending her basketball and life experiences, in telling her inspirational story of surviving and now flourishing, while looking
and helping others.
She graciously greeted the audience after what was the last of four performances at Davenport. There will be other shows in the near future and I highly recommend seeing the extraordinary Terri Mateer in this truly moving work.
- Andrew Baumgarten

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Terri Mateer's One-Woman Show "A KIND SHOT" 
Is One of the Most Honest Pieces This Season 

-Broadway World

Terri Mateer's autobiographical one-woman show is like nothing ever seen.
It's a personal account of one woman's unconventional journey towards being a basketball star via modeling, stripping, becoming a drag queen, and a whirlwind of a crazy past. 6'1" Terri tells us her story, basketball in hand, in a comfortable, intimate setting. A hippie mother, no father, casual drug use: at first, the story is simple and somewhat funny, until she begins to unfold the more perverse parts of her life, beginning when she hadn't even reached middle school. She takes us all the way through her childhood, and into her adulthood, which luckily results in a happy ending, something the viewer longs for this girl in the story who never really knew who she was. It's truly a fresh, brave, daring take on the one-woman show.

"Terri Mateer's autobiographical one-woman show is like nothing ever seen."
(Broadway World)

"Terri Mateer is a presence in the room."

(What's On Off Broadway)

"Honest & affecting."
(Nytheater Now)

"Wild & heart-breaking."
(Rave Reviews)

"This is compelling theatre."
(Electronic Link Journey)

A lovely raw emotional piece."

(Stage Buddy)

Bridge Street Theatre, Catskill, NY 2016

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