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Terri Mateer

"a kind shot"
written & performed by
terri mateer
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Listed as one of the Top Ten Stand out shows at the Fringe NYC 2014

    Selected as one of 3 Featured Shows in NYC on New York Events

Davenport Black Box Theater

354 West 45th Street NYC
All Shows 7pm
 3 Fri, 4 Sat 
10 Fri, 11 Sat 

17 Fri, 18 Sat
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8 Fri, 9 Sat, 10 Sun 

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 is the true story of Terri Mateer’s basketball career. When you’re 6’1” since 6th grade, the path would seem obvious. Not so with Mateer. Her journey twists and turns as she ventures from state to state and country to country. Eventually she ends up playing pro basketball in Paris, but her career choices are even more diversified than her travels. With raw honesty and a good deal of humor, even she at times seems amazed at the people who assisted or abused her
(sometimes the same person participated in both acts).

Her fascinating story is told in a “wait until you hear this” style that immediately makes you feel as if an old friend is sharing war stories. To use the basketball analogy, Terri Mateer’s life is like the sport itself. It takes a great deal of energy, and if you’re lucky, there will be players along the way who will assist you. You don’t always win, but when you get a chance, you take a shot.
And if you make it, you’re on top of the game.

Taking a shot by writing and performing A KIND SHOT definitely works out – this is compelling theatre.

- Laurie Lawson -
(Electronic Link Journey)

"honest  and affecting"

"a kind shot has real touch and scores with ease."

"Mateer is incredibly honest throughout her story and she tells it in a spontaneous, off-the-cuff manner that immediately makes the audience comfortable."

"Even through some of her most shocking confessions, Mateer is able to keep the tone light enough so that serious moments can quickly be followed up with humor and laughs."

"As we told you we see a lot of stuff in small theaters, basements, garages etc. Your performance, we felt, was the reason we keep going. As they say, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the prince.” Last night we found a prince. "
Carole & Harvey